Sunday, September 8, 2019 - 10:30 a.m.
43rd Church Annniversary!!
Guest preacher will be
Rev. Cordell Fountain, Pastor
First Baptist Church of Midland, PA



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New Bethel Baptist Church History

On Saturday April 17, 1976, at the Allegheny Branch of the YMCA, the New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church was organized in response to the felt need of its Charter members for a church congregation where they could worship God together in love and peace. Rev. Leroy Walker, Jr. who acted as the spiritual advisor during the meeting was called unanimously to be the first Pastor of the church. Officers were selected and it was his belief that it was the will of God that this church truly be the house of God, which is where the name New Bethel derived from.

The first service was held on April 28, 1976, Easter Sunday at the Allegheny Unitarian Church on the Northside. The church continued to worship there until a permanent church home was purchased. On Sunday June 16, 1976 at the Mt Carmel Baptist Church on Brighton Road, Rev. R. M. Reeves, Pastor, and a council of Baptist church Pastors convened to grant recognition to this new congregation. Rev. Reeves affirmed that it was a properly organized and duly constituted Baptist church.

On Sunday June 23, 1976, Pastor Walker was officially installed as Pastor of the New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. The service was held at the Unitarian Church. Rev. Wilson T. Hill, Pastor of the Pilgrim Baptist Church delivered the morning message. Rev W.D. Petette Pastor of the Nazarene Baptist Church and long-time mentor and Pastor of Rev Walker delivered the installation sermon.

Within the first year of the church’s existence a State Charter was obtained, a building drive was initiated to raise funds for a church home, and the congregation grew rapidly with many souls being added the Kingdom!

After much sacrifice and work, the love and faithfulness of the congregation was rewarded. On Wednesday August 31, 1977, the trustees signed the final documents and the New Bethel Church family secured its church building at 221 43rd Street in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh, PA. Sunday September 11, 1977, the New Bethel church family created a motorcade from the Northside of Pittsburgh to our new church home. October 23, 1977 we celebrated our first anniversary and dedication service. The Prince Hall Masons laid the cornerstone beside the main entrance. Rev. Asa Roberts was the preacher for this great occasion.

Throughout the years the church family has grown to become a loving, caring, and mission driven church. We have sponsored missionaries in Africa, and other 3rd world countries and islands. We have regularly contributed to the Lott Carey Foreign Mission, and are consistent supporters of the American Baptist, Allegheny Union Baptist Association, and the Baptist Minister’s Conference of Pittsburgh & Vicinity.

Pastor Walker served this congregation faithfully, and moved us to higher heights as he followed God and the vision He gave to us. The church was blessed to have a radio broadcast, to host many city church events, and he lead the church to complete a major renovation project that enhanced the our current facility. Pastor Walker served as Pastor until the time of his death on May 29, 2011.

After grieving the loss of our Pastor, Teacher, Mentor, and Friend for several months, God began wiping the tears from our eyes so we could see clearly that He had raised up a young man who would lead us from right in our midst! On November 15, 2011 the church unanimously voted to extend the call to Rev. Johnathan M. Wilson who was born, raised, licensed, and ordained at New Bethel! He was serving the Pastor of the Second Baptist Church in Rochester, PA. Rev Wilson accepted the call to come home and Pastor New Bethel and began duties as Pastor on January 8, 2012. He was officially installed as Pastor on Sunday March 4, 2012 at New Bethel, and the Rev. William H. Curtis, Pastor of the Mount Ararat Baptist Church preached the installation service. It was grand occasion as we celebrated the return of Rev. Wilson, and already God has been using him to bless the lives of His people. Rev. Wilson is an anointed preacher, teacher, and visionary. Within the first six months of his pastorate the church has already burned one of its mortgages, souls are being added to the church weekly, and he has began to structure the ministry so that we become “A Ministry with a Mission, to Build the Kingdom, by Building People!”